this just in facebook hiring carrots in an attempt to infiltrate us


this just in facebook hiring carrots in an attempt to infiltrate us

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Paintings as Google Street View Maps. Took me a long time, so what was to be “first examples in a series” ended up as “why the hell am I doing this, really.”

The Metapanoramas project consists in a series of interactive paintings that expands the two-dimensional limits of traditional painting.

Thanks to the use of Google Street View technology, it offers the opportunity to view and explore new pictorial worlds that exist in the inner mind and in the interpretation of the author, through multiple angles.

The intention of the project is to provide a whole new experience in the field of painting through the use of web technology and the Google Maps API, to display and make possible new pictographic scenarios on a new platform.

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waiting for the bus

waiting for the bus

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favorite artists: Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)   Part 1 /Part 2

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.”

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Art History remixed— Cuban-American artist Cesar Santos’s painting series, “syncretism” mixes iconic work by masters from Renaissance to Modernism: including works in the style of De Kooning, van Gogh, Goya, Michelangelo, Rothko and more.

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marijuana does awful things to people like forcing them to talk about how much they smoke it on every single fucking social network every single fucking day

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